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Building a directory for designers and manufacturers with the same ethos to expand their network, connect with each other and promote themselves to buyers and retailers

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Makers Ethos is building the fashion industry’s directory

For fashion brands, finding the right manufacturer abroad is challenging and making the wrong decision can cost you time, money and reputation.

Our goal is to provide directories and resources for the ability to connect with like minded manufacturers and designers helping your establish your network.

Makers Ethos is building a collection of research and studies of the fashion industry. A response to the issues designers and manufacturers face when looking to scale their business and professional networks. 

Built for designers, buyers and manufacturers with the same ethos to expand their network, connect with each other and promote themselves to buyers and retailers.

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At Makers Ethos we believe in designing sustainably from the start. Harnessing the power of smart structures and making use of collective resources to make it easier for brands and manufacturers to find each other and develop a working relationship. 

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This platform is built without collaboration with any major party at this stage with the aim to provide all information in an unbiased way.

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